5 Best NFT Projects That Could Explode in 2022

5 Best NFT Projects That Could Explode in 2022

The NFTs, the so-called non-fungible tokens, have been experiencing significant growth recently. New projects are popping up like mushrooms, celebrities are creating their own collections — the industry is exploding!

This makes it difficult for newbies to figure out which projects are worthwhile. What are the selection criteria? How to choose the best NFT projects to benefit the most?

New NFT collections are usually traded at a low price, but you can expect an above-average increase in value. Therefore, they are quite interesting as an asset class for risk-averse traders. Here are the best NFT projects to follow in 2022.

Lucky Block NFTs: The Platinum Rollers Club Collection

Platinum Rollers Club is a new collection of the Lucky Block Coin cryptocurrency. NFTs were mined on 19/03/22 and managed to cause quite a stir in a short time!

As the first Lucky Block NFT collection, tokens are limited to 10.000 NFTs. These bring a number of advantages to their holders.

This includes a lifetime ticket to participate in the Lucky Block lottery, with an average payout of 10.000 USD. In addition, a Lamborghini and a million dollars will be raffled off among all buyers!

The Platinum Rollers Club collection clearly thrives on its hype potential. However, behind this is an experienced team that will use NFTs as part of their long-term strategy to revolutionize the gaming industry.

If they increase professional marketing in the near future, this will inevitably have a price increase impact on the demand for The Platinum Rollers Club NFTs.

Great Ape Society NFTs

Great Ape Society NFTs

Have you missed the hype around Bored Ape Club and want to prepare for the next Great Ape NFT? Then take a look at the Great Ape Society NFTs! The name and concept of these NFTs are based on the Bored Ape Club.

The collection consists of 10.000 custom great apes. With a choice of 45+ different clothing styles, 25+ different hairstyles, different accessories and facial expressions, the design is varied: a gangster monkey, a designer monkey, a pierced punk monkey and a mohawk — for sure there will be something for everyone!

From a technical point of view, NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. They are currently trading for around 0,035 ETH. Hurry up, half of the collection is already sold out!

CyberPigs™ NFTs

CyberPigs™ NFTs

Not apes, but pigs — CyberPigs™ are 10.000 pig characters in the game based on the Ethereum blockchain, released on March 31.

Tokens have some interesting features. Each of the characters has their own appearance and, as a result, their own stats in the areas of strength, speed, vitality, intelligence, defense, and offense. So the pigs must be able to fight each other in a game.

What's particularly cool here is that a new character is created from a male and a female pig that takes over the stats of the parent pigs. A third rare character can be created from two rare pigs.

Plus, 10% of every sale goes to a community pool, whose content is distributed to all owners once a quarter — if you hold NFTs for a long time, you'll be rewarded with increasing distributions as prices go up!

Punk Dog NFTs

Punk Dog NFTs

Punk Dog NFTs is also a new collection of 10.000 tokens based on an animal design. This time there are 10.000 different individually created dog characters.

The collection was done on Binance Smart Chain and NFTs can be bought and sold through the NFT LaunchPad platform.

Each of the NFTs currently costs one BNB. Thus, the native currency of the Binance platform is used for transactions.

Punk Dog NFT owners enjoy a 2,5% fee charged for each purchase and sale of tokens.

This income is used by developers to further develop and promote their collection.

If this leads to an increase in demand, NFT owners with Punk Dog will benefit from increased returns.

RealAnimals NFTs

RealAnimals NFTs

In this case, each of RealAnimals' 6.666 NFTs doesn't just correspond to a virtual animal, but also to a real animal.

In this way, the developers entered into cooperation with 6 animal welfare organizations in Asia committed to animal rescue.

For every purchase of one of the NFTs, 60% of the profits are distributed to these organizations. With your purchase, you really contribute to animal welfare!

The developers describe the project as the 'first real animal adoption project in the world in the history of criptomoedas'.

They want to expand this project, implement more features and have 3 more NFT series planned for the future. With these NFTs, buyers will be able to adopt animals from Europe, Africa and America.

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