Accept Cash Bonuses

Locked Money After Accepting Bonuses

Most binary option brokers or forex provide some cash bonus to first time depositors, some also offer bonus on later deposits. These funds are normally added to the investors account at the time of registering an account and the funds deposited. Is these cash bonuses really free? Yes. However, there are several conditions to consider before rushing to sign up with the broker who is providing a higher bonus percentage.

Why do Brokers Offer Cash Bonuses?

The main reason is that they want you to open an account with them. By providing the money through bonuses, this causes a more powerful pull on a particular broker than one that does not offer any bonuses. Another reason is to lock up your money so that you can continue to trade with them. Whenever you agree to accept a bonus, there will be a requirement, such as the trading volume, which must be attended to before you can request withdrawal of funds, otherwise “locked money”.

Is Trading Volume Requirements a Fraud?

Of course No. Let's consider for a moment that traders were allowed to make a deposit to get the bonus, let's take an example: The broker offers a 100% bonus and you deposited $4000 right away you would have $8000 in your account ( which seems to be wonderful) and then you were asked to withdraw all your funds (deposit + bonus). The broker would be handing out free money 24/7 and would run out of money quickly. Trading volume requirements is really the only way that prevents this from happening hence a necessary line of protection for binary option brokers.

With that understood, let's look at how you can take advantage of a bonus if you decide to accept one. First, keep in mind that bonus amounts are directly linked to the amount of money you deposit into your trading account. The bigger your initial deposit, the bigger the bonus amount. After that another bonus can never be offered, so it is wise to take the opportunity. As an added benefit, with larger deposits often comes a wider range of advantages, especially when a differentiated account is offered.

Keep in mind that a huge bonus doesn't matter if the broker can't meet your needs. The bonus amount should be the last consideration in the selection process for one or more brokers. There are a variety of factors that determine whether a broker is excellent or just good, such as a trading platform, customer service, educational resources, and a variety of instruments. While each of these is important, pay attention to the variety of instruments offered.

When a bonus is offered, simply understand that you will be required to perform a certain number of trades, or trade transactions, which total a specific amount of funds before withdrawing the bonus or cash. It is possible to trade with bonus funds immediately, and they can undoubtedly act as a great safety net at the same time, as an apprenticeship in trading. On a final note, there are brokers that can force you to accept a bonus, so you are free to decline these funds if you feel the withdrawal requirements are extraordinarily difficult to meet, so don't fall prey to yourself.

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