MT4/MT5 Indicators

Sunflower Indicator (Semafor) MT4

Sunflower Indicator (Semafor) for MetaTrader 4 can be used with any Forex trading system/strategies to get confirmation of trade entries or exits. How to install sunflower indicator (Semafor) on MT4? Extract the downloaded semafor file. Go to the “File menu” on the MT4 trading platform and click on “open file folder […]

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FX Meta Scalper Rating 

Video FX Meta Scalper in action! Trading Forex requires a lot of knowledge, experience and effort. Many hours, days or even years wasted on a PC, testing various complicated trading systems without any profit and many losses. The stress level in Forex trading is high because you have to constantly take care of your […]

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MetaTrader 4 and 5 Trend Direction and Strength Indicator

The trend direction and strength indicator is an indicator that allows you to determine the direction and strength of the current trend. The trend direction and strength indicator uses a double smooth EMA (DSEMA) to smooth the result, which reduces the number of false signals. The color of the indicator line changes […]

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WT Lineas Indicator For MetaTrader 5

The WT Lineas Indicator for MT5 allows you to easily draw technical lines and levels on the chart and get a signal when the price approaches them. WT Lineas line is an advanced tool to quickly and easily draw support/resistance lines and trend lines in MetaTrader 5. When you install the WT Lineas indicator, […]

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Harmonic Pattern Scanner MT4

Harmonic Pattern Scanner Indicator is an MT4 trading indicator that automatically plots harmonic patterns in real time. The Harmonic Pattern ideally traces some of the most traded harmonic patterns, such as the Butterfly pattern, high and low. Traders can use this pattern to automatically plot buy and sell patterns. The indicator of […]

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RVI Custom Levels Alert for MetaTrader 5

The RVI Custom Levels Alert trading indicator for MetaTrader 5 is the modification of a Relative Vigor Index oscillator for the MT5 trading terminal. In the indicator, it is possible to set the value of two levels in the input parameters and two constructions — arrows for BUY and SELL signals were added. To […]

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Indicator For OB Bear Naked Pattern MT4

The Bear Naked Pattern determines convenient entry points for a market for traders. On the chart we will see the Bear Naked Pattern indicator in the form of patterns with blue and red arrows. So it will show us in which direction to open position. Bear Naked Pattern accurately identifies and pinpoints buy and sell signals based on […]

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EMA Azxx MT4 Volume Indicator

According to the principle of its work, Azxx EMA Volume is a trend indicator, so it is better to use it in a market with high volatility. After installing the indicator on the trading platform, we will see an indicator window with three multicolored lines at the bottom of the chart. There will be a green line, red […]

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Auto Fibo Phenomenon MT4

Auto Fibo Indicator

The Auto Fibo Phenomenon indicator is a trading indicator that has been on sale since 2012 for $96. Here you can download it for free. I believe the indicator, with a deft approach, definitely deserves attention. The Auto Fibo Phenomenon indicator itself has a sound notification and sends signals to email via MT4. The indicator for MetaTrader […]

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