Buying Bitcoin with Paypal on eToro is simple, after entering the Deposit Funds menu, simply click on your preferred payment method, then enter the amount you wish to deposit, click "Continue" and follow these steps:

How to buy Bitcoin with Paypal? Buying Bitcoin has become easier over the last few years, with many payment options popping up. Having paypal to buy virtual currencies would be very interesting for many.

There is no surprise, after all, investing in Bitcoin has proven to be a very attractive and profitable venture. Many users would like to get some Cryptocurrencies without going through the tedious process of setting up mining equipment, exchange accounts going through the verification processes. 

Casual investors would simply like to purchase Bitcoin using payment methods they are more comfortable with, such as PayPal. However, buying Bitcoin with PayPal can be a tricky but complicated task. Perhaps, we can clear up some confusion and will put you on the path to acquiring digital assets with PayPal.

Buying Bitcoin With Paypal Is Difficult But Possible

There are no ways you can buy Bitcoin using PayPal directly; this action is simply not currently supported. However, there are a few ways around this and there are 'online' marketplaces that allow Bitcoin to be purchased with PayPal. Of course, it's frustrating, and many people don't understand why this can be very complicated.

There are some reasons why bitcoins cannot be directly purchased by PayPal. An important explanation is that bitcoins have direct competition with PayPal. Bitcoins also do not allow chargebacks, and false or even fraudulent charges, constantly being the target of hackers and scammers.

Is Buying Bitcoin With PayPal Reversible? Not!

You need to take some extra steps to successfully purchase Bitcoin using PayPal. There are exchanges that allow you to make these purchases; however, many of these deals maintain a user account until certain checks pass. It should be noted that PayPal doesn't exactly like users who buy Bitcoin through the platform, and may occasionally scold users who try to do so. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to keep you from running into trouble.


Paypal At LocalBitcoins

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal At LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a highly reputable bitcoin exchange used all over the world. It provides a virtual setup through which buyers can connect with sellers and transact their trades through a variety of payment platforms, including PayPal.

If you decide to use this platform, you will need to find and connect with an individual who is willing to accept PayPal for bitcoin payment. LocalBitcoin users are responsible for conducting their own due diligence regarding the sellers with whom they communicate. The platform is safe and reputable.

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Buy Bitcoin With Paypal At Paxful

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal At Paxful

Paxful is a service that allows users to create accounts, find sellers and exchange funds in PayPal accounts for bitcoins. One of the advantages of the Paxful platform is that it uses a deposit service to provide buyers with added security. The Paxful platform has seen rapid growth, it is another great option to buy bitcoin via Paypal.

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Buy Bitcoin With Paypal On eToro

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal On eToro

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal at eToro it's simple, after entering the Funds Deposit menu, just click on your preferred payment method, then enter the amount you want to deposit, click on “Continue” and follow these steps:

  • You will be redirected to a new page so you can log into your e-wallet account
  • Enter the required login details
  • review the transaction
  • After checking the details, click on "Pay"
  • In minutes your trading account should be credited.
  • If for any reason your order is not approved, you will be notified by email.
  • The transaction will be displayed as 'eToro (Europe) Ltd.' in your payment provider's financial statement.
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One of the most important things is to always keep your bitcoin wallet as secure as possible. If you store it on your personal computer, use online wallet services, or employ some sort of storage method, remember never to distribute your private key to anyone. No one needs to know any information regarding your recovery seed or private key.

Among the many ways you can buy Bitcoin using your PayPal account, it's up to you to decide which method best suits your needs and preferences. Please remember that in order to use PayPal for Bitcoin purchases, your account must be fully verified. This means you must link your bank, link your debit cards and go through some identity verification checks.

Bitcoin is highly volatile, which can bring great destabilization to the financial world, as well as impressive returns for investors. Now you should better understand some of the ways you can get on the path to Bitcoin purchase using your PayPal account.