How to Earn Cryptocurrencies?

How to Earn Cryptocurrency

Just five years ago, only professional IT experts were interested in cryptocurrencies. And today, many people are wondering how to earn cryptocurrencies. What are the most popular shapes? How to make money with cryptocurrency? Today we are going to help you find out!

How to Earn Cryptocurrencies Online: Cryptocurrencies Faucets

How to Earn Cryptocurrencies Online: Cryptocurrencies Faucets

How to earn cryptocurrency online? One of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency is using faucets. How do they work?

the faucets Bitcoin are a reward system created in the form of an app or website. They give a reward in the form of satoshi (1 satoshi is one hundred millionth of a single Bitcoin). Users must complete the tasks provided on the website. Different faucets can offer different cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Faucet is a service that provides cryptocurrency to registered users at regular intervals. What tasks do users typically perform? They solve a CAPTCHA, play games, click on ads or watch videos.

So they win coins for each completed task. Let's take a look at some popular bitcoin faucets.

  • One of these faucets is the bittube, where you earn satoshi by watching videos on YouTube.


  • AdBTC Top pays from 5000 satoshis for ad viewing (up to 70 satoshis every 35 seconds). Thus, you receive coins for browsing and watching videos.


  • Bitcoin Mania pays around 300 satoshis daily. The site allows users to view ads, click on short links, complete tasks and play games.


  • BTC Clicks allows you to earn up to 10.000 satoshis. You can earn bitcoins to view ads on service partner sites. You need to follow the link and wait 10 seconds to receive bitcoins.

the faucets of criptomoedas is an efficient way to make money from cryptocurrencies. However, it's not really an option for people with full-time jobs.

Faucet rewards are always a few cents or a dollar. These services serve more as an advertising function.

How to Make Money With Cryptocurrencies: Mining Cryptocurrencies

How to Make Money With Cryptocurrencies: Mining Cryptocurrencies

How to make money with cryptocurrency? This type of remuneration is one of the best known forms. In essence, mining is the processing of cryptocurrency transfers between users.

A miner receives a reward for this. The method is very attractive, as the work is carried out using computers or special equipment, and the money is received by the owner.

So how to make money mining cryptocurrency? Well, this way of earning gives the illusion of simplicity: all you have to do is buy special equipment, and it starts earning coins for you.

In fact, everything is more complicated than you think. About three years ago, a normal computer was enough to earn coins. Since then, the complexity of mining algorithms has grown significantly.

More powerful equipment is needed to extract coins, hence receive rewards.

Today, you need to combine several graphics cards into one whole or buy special equipment that costs an arm and a leg.

How to Win Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Games

How to Win Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Games

Crypto faucets are good for the first contact with cryptocurrencies, but it is a rather tiring activity. At the same time, cryptocurrency mining is a very complex process for beginners. So, how to earn cryptocurrency without mining?

Well, game developers started to replace the currency of the game virtual cryptocurrency, further motivating players. It's much more interesting to play and get bitcoins for that. Doesn't sound bad does it?

Most games reward players with cryptocurrencies for achieving game results. Let's take a look at the most popular cryptocurrency games where you can win bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

1. Spells of Genesis

One of the first, most successful and possibly exciting blockchain and Bitcoin games. Players enter the fantasy world of Munga, where they fight each other. During the game, you can earn bitcoins by building important industrial facilities and collecting cards.

The local currency is BitCrystals. Crystals can be used in-game for certain purchases or trades. BitCrystals is a complete cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other altcoins.

2. BitQuest

A Minecraft server called BitQuest aims to use decentralized currencies to create a more dynamic gaming environment. BitQuest is following in the footsteps of several other Bitcoin servers, including BitVegas, which already offered several mini-games and digital currency rewards.

BitQuest players can earn bitcoins by accumulating emeralds, one of the many resources to collect during adventures.

Emeralds can be obtained by killing monsters, contributing to a community, or even chatting with other players in a player-on-player (PvP) arena.

Each emerald costs 0,000001 BTC and can be used in the game's pre-programmed market, as well as in various peer-to-peer events involving other players.

3. Spark Profit

Spark Profit allows a player to feel like a true trader — he needs to forecast a change in market trend.

The game awards points for accurate predictions, which can be transferred to cryptocurrency or a trust account. According to game developers, you can get paid up to $100 for a correct prediction.

However, judging by user feedback, many of them didn't make more than a dozen dollars a week playing this game.

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