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Buy Bitcoin with Card

Not too long ago, buying Bitcoin with a credit or debit card used to be an extremely challenging operation; even tech-savvy people experienced great difficulties in acquiring Bitcoin.

This problem has been resolved due to trading platforms that have emerged in recent years, such as CoinMama, Cex, CEX, Changelly among others. These platforms allow bitcoins to be easily purchased with credit or debit cards.

Users will need to create a Bitcoin wallet before they can use the full potential of 'bitcoin' trading. Wallets are very easy to create and can be stored on a smartphone, on a computer, or physically, like a piece of paper or some cold storage method that is also called a cold wallet. The most secure method to store your Bitcoin is using a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or Trezor.

The fees that platforms will charge for each transaction must be noted. Check the rates you will be charged and compare them across the platforms listed below to make sure you get the best rates. We've put together a list of the most reputable online exchanges for buying Bitcoin using your debit or credit card.

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CEX platform

Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world, which operates in the United States, Europe and some countries in South America. criptomoedas.

Trading fees on the platform are low. However, the verification process is more extensive than on other platforms. Customers may be asked to upload a photo with some form of government-issued identification. CEX operates on the same principles as most other popular Bitcoin platforms.


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CEX.IO is one of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms in the world to buy Bitcoin quickly.


CoinMama Platform

CoinMama Platform

CoinMama is a great Bitcoin broker that allows users to purchase coins with their debit or credit cards. The platform issues small fees for transactions. To compensate for this, the limits on how many Bitcoins a user can buy are much higher compared to Coinbase.

Up to $5.000 of coins per day or up to $20.000 per month can be purchased. All users need to use CoinMama to set up an account, 'log in' and navigate to the section of the user's profile page to fill in personal information.

After that, a page to select how many 'bitcoins' the customer would like to buy is presented, once a value is selected, users will be able to add their preferred payment methods and Bitcoin addresses.

Users will also need to verify their phone number and email address. CoinMama does not require most users to carry their government-issued ID. After completing the steps mentioned and passing the verification process, customers will be able to purchase bitcoins through CoinMama.


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CoinMama is a great Bitcoin broker that allows users to purchase coins with their credit or debit cards.


Changelly Platform

Changelly Platform

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange associated with the conversion of one currency into another. It is very easy to use and offers a wide range of Cryptocurrencies. They also offer the purchase of some US dollar coins and accept payment via credit cards, so they provide an easy way to get 'bitcoins' from your bank or credit card facility.

Changelly is a very reliable platform with an “Excellent” rating on TrustPilot, having been for over 2 years without issues. Changelly is easy to sign up with just the required email address verification, which means you can buy your preferred currency quickly.


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It is very easy to use and offers a wide range of digital currencies.


Neteller Platform

Neteller Platform

Neteller is a provider of electronic wallets and payment services that operates in over 100 countries and supports 26 different currencies.

Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999, since its withdrawal from the US and acquisition by Paysafe Group (also the parent company of Skrill), focuses its efforts on providing instant, secure and free transactions.

Like its former competitor and now sister company Skrill, Neteller offers cryptocurrency trading to some European countries within its own 'interface'. To purchase cryptocurrencies, an account verification is required.


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Providing instant, secure and free transactions.


eToro platform

eToro platform

If you are looking for a platform simple that allows you to buy bitcoin while learning more about Cryptocurrencies, eToro may be right for you. Newcomers entering the Bitcoin market will appreciate the platform simple, straightforward and CopyTrader system that allows you to copy trades from other users on the platform.

You can test it for free with a virtual account $100.000 without any risk to your real money when you sign up. Once you are confident, you can enter into a money trade. Just take note of the 0,75% spread price for Bitcoin and higher rates for other currencies.


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Demo Account with $10.000 in Unlimited Virtual Funds


The main strength of eToro is its simple and straightforward platform. Beginners can sign up for an account in just 10 minutes with its intuitive verification process. Once your account is opened, the user will have access to an easy platform for order opening, simple commissions and pricing information, with a busy social media network that can help you inform your trades.

The broker's unique CopyTrader feature is as beneficial for traders as it is for newbies. Experienced traders can share what they know with a wider audience (and earn some commission) while new users receive a dynamic, up-to-date template portfolio to start trading. Best of all, using the CopyTrader feature, there are no additional expenses beyond the standard spread you would pay to buy and sell.

There are some areas where eToro can improve. Currently, the platform only offers 1 route to contact customer support, and customers can wait for up to 1 week.

Why should you do your cryptographic currency trading on eToro? The broker offers traders a number of benefits, including:

Virtual Trading Practice: A constantly moving market means you want to practice your digital currency trading strategy before placing your first buy order. eToro is one of the only digital currency brokers we've seen to offer virtual trading accounts for cryptocurrencies.

CopyTrader feature for inside trade information: eToro CopyTrader's unique function allows you to "copy" buy and sell orders placed by professional investors into cryptocurrencies. This provides a win-win opportunity for copiers and professionals alike. Tracked users earn a commission when copied, which encourages users to make profitable deals. New investors receive a higher level of guidance when placing their first orders.

Single Pay Spread Pricing: eToro Single Spread Pricing allows you to pay a one-time, low-priced percentage commission on your trade. You can even get a return on a percentage of your commission if you lose a significant amount of money in a trade. You only get commissions charged once - when you buy. This can be very useful for traders with high trading volume.

Customer Support
Regulation and Safety for Customers
Business Conditions
  • Country Cyprus, United Kingdom, Israel
  • Regulation CySEC FCA ASIC
  • Demo Account Free
  • Minimum Deposit $ 200
  • Active +1000
  • Instruments Forex, Commodities, Digital Currencies, Stocks, Stocks, Indices, Metals, Energies, ETFs, CFDs
  • Maximum leverage 1:400
  • Payment methods Credit / Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller etc.
  • Spreeds Fees are Included in the Spread
  • Crypto Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, Ethereum Classic, TRON, Zcash, NEO, IOTA, Cardano, Stellar, Tezos, Gram, USDX and Binance Coin
  • Platforms owner
  • Regulated Broker
  • Copy Trader
  • Intuitive Platform
  • Many Assets
  • Allowed Hedging
  • Little Educational Material
  • high margins
  • Customer Support

Coinbase Platform

Coinbase Platform

Coinbase is the largest exchange platform in the world. The platform is currently fully functional in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and Singapore! The platform allows users to buy 'bitcoins' instantly with a credit or debit card. You simply need to create an account on the platform, confirm some personal details and login.

Coinbase may require users to upload some form of government issued identification — this could be in the form of a Driver's License, Passport, Proofs of Residence, etc. We recommend verifying your account with as much identification as possible to increase your purchase limits.

Allowing you to buy more bitcoins with your credit or debit card. As time goes on, you will also find that your purchase limits increase. For much larger orders (Millions), you will need to add your bank details and send an electronic transfer.

Once the verification process is complete, users will be able to navigate to their profile and find an option to add payment methods related to their account. Users can link their PayPal account, bank account or debit/credit card.

Keep in mind that purchases made directly through bank accounts can take up to five business days to be verified. Every criptomoedas purchased through Coinbase are sent directly to your Coinbase wallet. The platform does not charge any fees for using debit cards. However, it charges a small fee of around 4% per credit card transaction.


Quick registration

Coinbase makes it easy to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrencies.



Before signing up with other platforms that are selling 'bitcoins' and other virtual currencies, it is vital that you do your due diligence regarding the platform. Make sure the platform you are looking to use has a good reputation in the market.

There are plenty of scammers lurking, as well as shady deals. It's not unusual, hackers steal your credit card information and other personal data.

While there are risks involved in purchasing Bitcoin using bank cards, it is also one of the easiest ways to acquire this digital currency. In fact, it's comparable to purchases that are made online.

However, buying Bitcoin with cards often carries high fees and can leave shoppers exposed to risk. Fees for purchases made with bank accounts are generally the lowest.

Bitcoin purchases with stolen credit or debit cards are impossible due to the verification processes that platforms have implemented to protect shoppers. Anonymous 'bitcoin' purchases are also impossible due to the verification processes.

Unfortunately, prepaid cards don't work on the most popular platforms. If you have a prepaid debit or credit card, you may need to consult the LocalBitcoins to buy 'bitcoins'.

Individuals should spend a lot of time researching platforms before purchasing any bitcoin. Due to the verification processes, it would be really terrible to have your personal information or identification falling into the hands of some scammers, or dubious platforms.

It is also highly recommended that users transfer their 'bitcoins' from the platforms directly into their personal Bitcoin wallets to keep the acquired assets safe from theft.

You are not limited to using just one platform. This means you can have accounts on all world-recognized exchanges such as CoinMama, Coinbase, BitPanda, Changelly and CEX. This is an alternative for users who feel limited by the transaction limits of each platform.

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