Dow Jones in Binary Options Trading

Dow Jones

Among the top three indexes of USA, is the Dow Jones Index that most accurately counts North American economic conditions and investor sentiment. Before using the Dow Jones in your binary options trading, you need to consider the numerous factors that can influence its value.

Also, please note that this market is only open for trading from 13:30 GMT to 20:30GMT (Monday to Friday). 

There are a number of economic reports that affect the Dow Jones value. Any of the following data can prompt investors to start buying or selling the various stocks listed in this index:

  • Industrial production
  • employment data
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • consumer sentiment
  • Housing
  • oil prices
  • Profit reports (for companies included in the index)
  • credit ratings

How to Trade with Dow Jones?

Employment data can really affect this index. Whenever this data is disappointing, DJ is usually trending down.

Increased production will be seen as a sign of improving economic conditions, that being said, consumers will be willing to spend more money during periods when they are feeling that economic conditions are improving.

Of the major indices, the Dow Jones is the latest to open, opening for trading shortly after the Asian and European markets have already opened for trading. This allows operators to binary options can get an idea of ​​how global markets are moving.

Depending on your location and time zone, you may be able to take some time to see how the Asian and European markets are doing and then plan your Dow Jones to trade accordingly. Note that the Dow Jones is much more impacted by US-based sentiment than stocks in other markets.

Traders of binary options should have plenty of opportunities for Dow Jones trading throughout market hours. Since this index is heavily influenced by investor sentiment, turn to fundamental analysis strategies to help you with investment decisions.

While this index can be volatile at times, it is also trending one way or the other – a price action that can provide you with great possibilities for gains.

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