Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1 – Full Version

Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1 - Full Version

Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1 — New replacements! We now have a built-in OCR reader. What is an OCR reader? Some of you are asking, appropriately… Facebook has recently been improved, and one of them, if your account is tagged or burned as spam, you can receive all emails from your friends with the regular bot, after 30 or more, they will turn into photos.

Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1 - Full Version

So with the new v2.0 template you have both methods of having emails, the conventional way, and the new way of OCR! But wait, that's not it, now we also offer you with different Records on the profile from which you got the email.

We also give you their age, birthday, region, and other profile information for them! But wait, that's not it, we also give you the ability to email all those contacts that had been pulled!

Ocr reader receives friend id/complete call url, email, optional gadgets that depend on FB construction (sex, birthday, mobile range, homeland, dating, interest, search, religion, email address, bio, college, faculty, organization, and position). More to go back!

Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1 - Full Version

Have you ever wanted to get all the email from your friends on FB and send them an email, or be aware? Well, some of you do, and doing this at a time can take hours, if not days, because you have so many friends.

Our Facebook, which takes the email from Facebook, receives all your friends, and loops to get their email agreement, once completed you can absolutely keep it on your desktop.

Do you want to gather emails to market your new product, or your subsequent massive event? At some point, the built-in Facebook notification crosses over without being heard or seen.

Now, when you send all of your friends' emails, you can send them more than one update and reminders.

Preserve all knowledge in 1 email about your next event, or receive it collectively. All of this is automated, you define it and let it think. It will get all your FB friends' email accounts, how are you going to beat this...

Features of Facebook Data Grabber v4.1:

Updates for Life

  • Car user login (you can keep more than one FB account)
  • Pick up emails and pause (wait between pages like a real person)
  • Auto-pal ID discovery
  • Comfortable transactions on web pages
  • Image reader! OCR version
  • The OCR reader receives friend id/complete call URL, email, optionally available items depending on Facebook construction (birthday, wide variety of cell phones, hometown, dating, interest, research, religion, email, bio, college , excessive school, company and role).
  • CSV import from your own friends list
  • The OCR template has the ability to send emails to all your Contacts!
  • Download your friends' information from Facebook to CSV

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