Instant Profit Indicator

Instant Profit Indicator

Instant Profit is designed for trading reflecting the current trend by sending signals for market entry. The indicator does not repaint, and shows reliable results, especially at the recommended deadlines M1, M5 and M15.

The Instant Profit indicator shows its signals: a pink arrow a buy signal, followed by the pink line of indicator, showing an upward trend, a yellow arrow - a sell signal and the trend of fall.

There is also an audio signal notifying you of a new recommendation and a trend change. In the alert message, you can also find Stop Loss information, which is specified in the indicator parameters. 

The author recommends using the indicator in trading with the trend, checking on higher timeframes, that is, if you see on M30 a trend  ascending, on M15 sell signals, it is recommended to ignore. But we always remember to test indicators and demo account trading systems.


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