Giant Jackpots at Casinos

Giant Jackpots at Casinos

There's nothing quite like the allure of a giant jackpot to lure players into casinos.

Of course, some players are happy to play low-risk, low-reward games and try to lose as little as possible, while hoping to get a little lucky and win a few dollars. But for most casino players, the real fun is hoping they can come home with a award able to change your life.

Best Casinos For Jackpots

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Progressive jackpots give players just the chance itself. And unlike a normal jackpot, which is always the same amount, a progressive jackpot in one cassino keeps growing bigger and bigger as more and more players try to win.

In fact, some of these progressive jackpots could be worth millions when they finally hit. Below is a summary of some of the most common games where you can find progressive jackpots.

Slot machines are the games of cassino most popular and also the place where you are most likely to find a progressive jackpot in the casino. There are tons of different progressive slot jackpots, with jackpots ranging from thousands of dollars in penny machines to millions for the highest denominations.

You can find huge progressive jackpots from slot machine in online and offline betting.

In online casinos, many machine prizes can be played in many casinos that share the same software, which means there's a lot more players playing in the pot, much more than you might think.

At first this sounds like a bad thing, as more people playing means there is a better chance of winning someone's progressive jackpot sooner. However, it also means that the jackpot grows at a much faster rate than in a live casino, which means the potential winnings are even bigger.

Progressive Jackpots

There's not much more strategy when it comes to winning progressive slots prizes, or progressive jackpots for that matter, but there's one thing to keep in mind.

If you want to win a progressive jackpot, you always have to play the maximum number of coins. Playing fewer coins will almost always make you unsuitable for progressive jackpots, meaning you will be very unhappy if you hit the lottery when playing with less than the maximum bet.

Progressive jackpots are not just a matter of slot machine games, they are found in other casino variants.

There are also some table games that offer progressive jackpots that can grow quite large before they are hit. The most prominent of these is the progressive jackpot found on most Caribbean Stud Poker tables.

This is actually a gamble, players have the option to play the progressive jackpot or check and play just the main game, Caribbean Stud Poker.

If a player wants a chance to win the progressive jackpot, he only needs to place a $1 bet at the progressive jackpot location. Whether or not a player wins the prize depends on the strength of the hand being dealt, and nothing else.

Depending on what the player receives, he will win a certain amount of money or a share of the progressive jackpot. A typical payout chart will look something like this:

– Royal Flush: 100% of the prize amount
– Straight flush: 10% of the prize amount
– Four of a Kind: $100
– Full House: $75
– Ras: $50

Some paytables also pay ladders, or even three of the same type. Others give a small percentage of the pot's value, perhaps 5,1%, to quads. But if you want to win the full pot, only a royal flush will do it.

Usually the pot bet is not good for the player, but if it gets big enough it becomes a profitable bet. Typically, this happens when the jackpot reaches a point higher than $200.000.

But even if the progressive jackpot bet isn't the one with the player's advantage, that doesn't mean you shouldn't play. If you like the thrill of waiting for a big jackpot, the $1 progressive side bet can add a lot of fun and excitement to your poker game. As a casino player you will get.

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