Best Litecoin Wallet

best Litecoin wallet

Are you thinking of investing in Litecoin? You probably think Litecoin has potential. But you need to make sure you keep your Litecoin safe, we'll give you some important tips on the best Litecoin wallet.

This guide will help identify the best portfolio for Litecoin investors. We will explore online Litecoin wallets, Litecoin paper wallet services along with hardware / software wallets.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the best Litecoin portfolio for your own unique investment objectives.

So whether you're looking to invest for the long or short term, we'll look at the different Litecoin portfolios that best suit your needs.

This guide will explain what Litecoin is. It will also explain why security is so important.

It will then explain the different Litecoin wallets online — from web wallets (as Coinbase), software wallets (like Exodus), mobile wallets (like Jaxx Liberty).

This will lead to an explanation of offline Litecoin wallets — from paper wallets and hardware wallets. This will lead to a conclusion that will help you understand which Litecoin wallet is best for your own needs.

Let's get started by understanding more about Litecoin!

What is Litecoin? (Presentation)

An ex-Google, Charlie Lee, created Litecoin in 2011. Litecoin was designed because Lee felt Bitcoin had 'problems'.

Lee developed Litecoin to solve some of the biggest problems facing Bitcoin — especially transaction times, fees and to deal with abuse of the mining pool (pools are computers that mine coins).

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency, just like the Bitcoin, and can be used to shop online and in some real stores!

The advantages it has over Bitcoin are that transaction times are faster and transaction costs are cheaper.

Another advantage is that Litecoin can be mined without the use of special computers. This makes it more accessible to miners and requires less electricity to verify a transaction.

Now let's look at why security is so important when considering investing in cryptocurrencies.

Importance of Security

Many technological developments have helped make cryptocurrency a secure experience. The importance of security cannot be overstated. It is really the most important consideration after which you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The decentralized and unregulated nature of cryptocurrency really means that the responsibility for security is yours — the investor.

There is a false sense of security that comes with 'ownership' of cryptocurrency. The fact that they are decentralized can make them “feel” secure. However, this is not the case.

So you need this guide to help you find the best one Litecoin wallet for your unique individual cryptographic needs.

Your funds can be hacked if you store them in a purse without moving them into a personal wallet. It happened many times before — Mt Gox and Coincheck are the main examples.

These important websites have been victims of massive cyber attacks. the invasion of MT Gox resulted in bankruptcy and the stock market closing. The invasions resulted in the disappearance of $530 million in cryptocurrencies.

Using wallets can help protect your cryptocurrency by providing you with a 'safe space'.

To access funds stored in a wallet, you need a key. There are public and private keys designed to help you control the entire process.

This means you have a greater sense of security when it comes to invest in Litecoin.

The next section will help you identify the best and worst Litecoin wallets, where to safely store Litecoin.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Online Wallets

Online wallets are wallets that are always online. They have advantages — they're easy to access over the Internet. But, that's also a big disadvantage — because they can be hacked.

There are basically three 'types' of online wallets. One of them is mobile wallets based on apps for Android and Apple smartphones. There are also software portfolios you can download to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Finally, web wallet services such as Coinbase.

Let's find out more about Litecoin wallet services online.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Web Wallets

Services like Coinbase and other web-based wallet services have advantages and disadvantages.

A web wallet is actually a type of cryptocurrency wallet that a person can access through a web browser. They are sometimes called 'hot wallets' and are vulnerable to hackers because they run on a centralized system.

This means that Coinbase (for example) has full control over your wallet keys. Therefore, if Coinbase is hacked, hackers can steal the keys from your Coinbase wallet. This takes the safety out of your hands, which is never a good thing.

Best Litecoin Wallet

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of these types of wallets:


  • They are easy to use and for beginners.
  • You can buy 4 of their main cryptocurrencies using fiat currency
  • These types of web wallets can handle multiple transfers from criptomoedas on a single account.
  • You can also sell your Litecoin back to them in cash.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • You are vulnerable to online scams, attacks and hackers.
  • In fact, you don't “own” the wallet. Physically and digitally out of your hands and stored on a 'third party' platform. In many cases, you don't own the cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase itself does not see its services as a “wallet”. In fact, the company itself is one more bag.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Software Wallets

Exodus and other software wallets have many advantages and disadvantages. This section will explore how software-based wallets work, their pros and cons. A software portfolio is installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Software Wallets

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of software portfolios such as Exodus.


  • Easy-to-use interface with user-friendly system for beginners.
  • Good level of security compared to web wallets
  • Unlike many wallets, Exodus is a great wallet for many different cryptocurrencies — including Litecoin.
  • It has recovery options to keep your wallet safe even if your PC is stolen or broken.
  • Gives you more control over your wallet's private and public key.
  • Exodus allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies with each other using Shapeshift.


  • The platform is always online and connected to the internet. This makes it easier for hackers to gain access to your funds compared to offline storage options.
  • You should be careful about viruses on your computer and make sure you have antivirus software installed.
  • You cannot set your transfer rate manually like other wallet platforms. This makes transaction fees more expensive.
  • Access is only easy if you have the device on which the wallet is installed.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Mobile Wallets

Best Litecoin Wallet: Mobile Wallets

Wallets based on mobile apps such as Jaxx liberty, are online mobile apps that are currently designed to work on the desktop with web extensions as well.

There is a lot to choose from if you want to store Bitcoin. However, there aren't many Litecoin mobile wallets.

Jaxx Liberty supports 10+ coins and 20+ tokens that you can store in your wallet. However, it allows you to customize the wallet so that you can only show the coins and tokens you want, not all.


  • The Jaxx Liberty interface is one of its biggest advantages. It is designed for people with limited knowledge or understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  • Stores personal keys on the user's own device. This makes it difficult for hackers to steal your money — but not impossible.
  • It works on different operating systems.
  • Easy access.


  • Slow platform — many people complained about the app crashing too much. This can be an issue during transfers.
  • It's a 'hot' wallet. It stores your wallet keys on a smartphone “always online”.
  • It does not have a two-factor authentication feature.

As you can see, online wallets offer ease of use and simplicity, but that comes with the ultimate cost — security.

Let's now explore offline wallets and how they work and what the advantages and disadvantages of these types of wallets are.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Offline Wallets

These types of wallets are physical wallets — they can be hardware-based or, more traditionally, paper-based. They are known as "cold storage" wallets because they are not always "online" like "hot storage" wallets.

These types of wallets offer the best security, but that increased security can come at a price. Not only that, but they also make quick access to your cryptocurrencies difficult, so if you want to make a day trade, they are not the best option. Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of offline wallets.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Paper Wallets

Services like are trustworthy and open source Litecoin paper wallets. It allows you to print your public and private keys on a piece of paper.

Your paper wallet always remains offline. Therefore, it is safe and not vulnerable to hackers.

It also prints a QR code that you can scan and insert into your wallet, making it easier for you.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Paper Wallets

This service is incredibly secure, but you bear the ultimate responsibility for the security of your investment — if the document is damaged, stolen or lost, you will lose access to your funds. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of paper wallets.


  • A very simple way to generate a Litecoin key and address. It's easy and can be set up in a minute.
  • It's super secure — offline storage is intrusion proof. Nobody can hack your printed wallet keys.
  • It uses open source, trusted, community-managed software that is managed through GitHub to help maintain the community.
  • Great for holding a cryptocurrency for a long period of time.


  • There is no way to recover your Litecoin if the paper is lost. You need to store your offline paper wallet securely and securely.
  • There have been some scams with redirected sites sending users to fake 'themed' sites. So make sure you visit the correct website — always look for the SSL certificate (green text and HTTPS on the left side of the address bar)!
  • It's a very strange way to trade cryptocurrencies if you buy and sell regularly. In fact, it's not designed for a full-time operator.

Best Litecoin Wallet: Hardware Wallets

The hardware wallet claimed to be the most secure way to store your cryptocurrency for a long time.

However, before we make any decisions, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of hardware portfolios. We'll use one of the most popular editions (the Ledger Nano S) as our example.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the best Litecoin portfolio for your own unique investment objectives.


  • The perfect way to store your “cold” cryptocurrency. Offline / cold storage protected by encryption and pin password protection.
  • The Nano S also comes with recovery keys as a backup feature.
  • Just connect it to PC via USB to access it! It's that simple!
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and can also be used via OTG cables for Android smartphones.


  • It costs $99 while most web-based software and wallets are free!
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Securely Protect Your Cryptocurrencies for Only 59 USD


The Ledger Nano S hardware cryptocurrency wallet offers high-level security through a secure chip and proprietary operating system.

It gives investors control over their private keys and is backed by the biggest name in the industry.

Investors can store more than 1.100 cryptocurrencies and tokens in Ledger Nano S, with 23 cryptocurrencies supported directly by Ledger and the rest supported by installed third-party applications.

  • An affordable cool wallet
  • Private keys never leave the device
  • Supports over 1.100 coins and tokens
  • Limited storage space for crypto applications
  • The screen is small and not touchscreen

As you've read in this section of the guide, offline wallets are more secure, but they do have some issues.

Paper wallets are good for long-term storage of cryptoactives — so if you buy Litecoin to keep them, paper works.

But if you buy and sell cryptocurrencies regularly, you need to invest in a hardware-based cryptocurrency portfolio.

The next section will complete this guide and recap everything we've learned so far!

Best Litecoin Wallet: Conclusion

So now that you've read my guide, you should know where to store Litecoin. Every investor is different and everyone has different needs. Hope you can now decide where is the best place to store Litecoin for your specific needs.

If you want quick access but with some built-in security, the Exodus is a great practical example. However, if you trade in small quantities and want to do it on your smartphone, the Jaxx offers some security with quick negotiations.

However, if you want to put security before transaction speeds, you must go offline. If you want to invest for the long term, paper portfolios can provide a good portfolio-based approach to your cryptocurrency strategy.

But you must remember that paper is not the safest material available.

My conclusion is that hardware wallets are the best and most secure way to store cryptocurrencies. They are safer than paper wallets because the material they are made from is much more resistant to damage (as you can probably imagine!).

So, now you know which is the best Litecoin wallet. Why not go out and make your Litecoin cryptocurrency more secure using paper or hardware wallets? Protect your investments! After all, you paid hard-earned money for them.


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