Scalping System

Scalping System

Scalping is the strategy  that tries to make lots of profits on small price changes. Traders Who implement this strategy will use in a few dozen trades in a single day, in the belief that small movements in price actions are easier to trade than big movements.

The downside of this style of negociação is that the stress level of a trader who is forced to enter many trades per day increases, you are also in a position where these trades need to close quickly.

This Escape strategy can be used in top pairs of coins with expiration time in M5.

Scalping System Rules:


— Tutor girl indicator are all blue.
— Trend magic is blue.
— RCBI filter is above the zero line.


— Tutor girl indicator are all red.
"Trend magic is red."
— RCBI filter is below the zero line.

Scalping System

Scalping System


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