Conta Gratuita
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Grande variedade de criptomoedas
  • Taxas de troca de cripto para criptomoedas baixas
  • Integra-se com várias carteiras
Conta Demo $50.000
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Multi-Plataformas Web e App
  • Fácil de usar e amigável ao iniciante
  • Sinais de negociação
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a 10 Moedas Digitais
  • Sem Taxas Para Depósitos ou Retiradas
  • Faixa de Opções de Pagamento
5% Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Exchange estabelecida com bons níveis de segurança.
  • Interface simples, intuitiva e detalhista
  • Retiradas ilimitadas
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a Mais de 50 Moedas Digitais
  • Baixo Mínimo Para Financiar a Conta
  • Moedas Digitais é Segurada Caso o Site Seja Invadido.
50% em Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Processamento Rápido de 1,4 milhões de pedidos por segundo.
  • Taxas baixas - 0,1% de taxas de transação
  • Liquidez - Aplataforma oferece uma alta liquidez a seus clientes

Mais Informações Sobre ICO

ICO NameFusible
Start Datemarço 05, 2021
End Datemarço 05, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
10 Months ago

## What Is Fusible (FUSI)?
Fusible allows creators to liquefy their NFTs, create pools and AMM on Fusible platform for a curve-based price discovery. This will enable creators to employ various mechanisms to realize immediate liquidity, and a collector can quickly realize price action.
We believe that creators and collectors can benefit from a better pricing mechanism. Auctions are a sub-optimal mechanism of discovering prices for both creators and collectors. Employing curve-based pricing mechanisms work better to attain equilibrium points between supply/demand. We extracted a folio out of Bancor’s formula and have modified it to draft the first version of Price Discovery Protocol for NFTs.

$FUSI is the native utility token that is used for:

* Liquidity mining.
* Community governance and incentives.
* Incentives for usage of the platform.

## How Many $FUSI Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The Total Token supply of FUSI is 10M. The initial circulation supply of $FUSI token will be 678,889 i.e 6.789% of the total supply, which is 240,000 from early stage investors and 100,000 from public sale. 300,000 tokens allocated for liquidity provision of exchanges, these tokens will be available on exchanges for the sole purpose of liquidity pool which means they are locked as well.
So effective Initial Circulation supply is 378,889 $FUSI i.e. 3.789%

### Where Can I Buy Fusible (FUSI)?

FUSI is available to trade on Pancakeswap & Dodoex on Binance Smart Chain.


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