Conta Gratuita
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Grande variedade de criptomoedas
  • Taxas de troca de cripto para criptomoedas baixas
  • Integra-se com várias carteiras
Conta Demo $50.000
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Multi-Plataformas Web e App
  • Fácil de usar e amigável ao iniciante
  • Sinais de negociação
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a 10 Moedas Digitais
  • Sem Taxas Para Depósitos ou Retiradas
  • Faixa de Opções de Pagamento
5% Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Exchange estabelecida com bons níveis de segurança.
  • Interface simples, intuitiva e detalhista
  • Retiradas ilimitadas
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a Mais de 50 Moedas Digitais
  • Baixo Mínimo Para Financiar a Conta
  • Moedas Digitais é Segurada Caso o Site Seja Invadido.
50% em Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Processamento Rápido de 1,4 milhões de pedidos por segundo.
  • Taxas baixas - 0,1% de taxas de transação
  • Liquidez - Aplataforma oferece uma alta liquidez a seus clientes

Mais Informações Sobre ICO

ICO NameGT-Protocol
Start Datejaneiro 19, 2022
End Datejaneiro 21, 2022
1 Day ago

What is GT-Protocol?
- GT-Protocol is a decentralized, transparent and secure solution which allows any entity/person to create a DeFi smart-contract pool for collecting funds from contributors and further liquidity management on DeFi markets based on a profit-sharing model.
- Users get an access to on-chain P&L pools rating and the option to join any pool via MetaMask.
- Users funds are securely protected by the smart-contract which is transparently managed by a pool owner without funds withdrawal possibility.

CEX Copy Trading
Besides DeFi copy trading - GT-Protocol has launched it's CeFi product named Jet-Bot.
- the platform is an official partner and authorized broker of the Binance exchange
- users earn 285%-2714% APY by copying TOP traders on Binance
- platform audience has grown from 300 users to 30K+ users mostly thanks to users recommendations and word-of-mouth spreading
- GTP token is supported both in GTP CeFi and DeFi products

GTP is utility token which allows:
- to create DeFi pools to pool creators
- to get a 50% discount for a profit-sharing fee
- to stake and farm GTPs
- to get copy trading subscriptions and memberships
- to participate in IDO sales hosted at GT-protocol by new projects
- to participate in GTP insurance fund
- to vote in governance votings

DeFi pools usecases:
- professional traders (copy trading pools)
- professional investors (portfolio management & yield farming pools)
- VCs (funds management pools)
- GameFi guilds (scholarship pools)
- KOLs (IDO, preSale pools)
- any entity/person which performs profitable activity on DeFi markets

Who are founders of GT-Protocol?
GT-Protocol has been started by the team which worked and cooperated together 8+ years prior the project launch. Since 2017 the team has been focused on cryptocurrency market and developed custody solutions, wallets, lending platform, NFT marketplaces, etc. In 2019 founders Peter Ionov and Vlad Balaban decided to start own project. That is how they created Jet-Bot - a copy trading platform for Binance exchange.
In 1 year the platform has shown an amazing performance and the audience has grown x83 times (from 300 users to 25,000 users). In several month later the platform became an official partner and authorized broker of the Binance exchange.
Due to success of CEX copy trading product the team decided to expand their product to DeFi markets. So on the next step Jet-Bot has been rebranded to GT-Protocol (Global Traders Protocol) and the team created a technology of decentralized protocol for DeFi pools management.
A new technology was highly supported by the market and the audience. Team develops a product continuously and deliver new features and product updates regularly.

Source Code
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