Conta Gratuita
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Grande variedade de criptomoedas
  • Taxas de troca de cripto para criptomoedas baixas
  • Integra-se com várias carteiras
Conta Demo $50.000
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Multi-Plataformas Web e App
  • Fácil de usar e amigável ao iniciante
  • Sinais de negociação
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a 10 Moedas Digitais
  • Sem Taxas Para Depósitos ou Retiradas
  • Faixa de Opções de Pagamento
5% Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Exchange estabelecida com bons níveis de segurança.
  • Interface simples, intuitiva e detalhista
  • Retiradas ilimitadas
Virtuais Grátis
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Oferece Acesso a Mais de 50 Moedas Digitais
  • Baixo Mínimo Para Financiar a Conta
  • Moedas Digitais é Segurada Caso o Site Seja Invadido.
50% em Cashback
*Your capital is at risk
*Risco de Perda de Capital
  • Processamento Rápido de 1,4 milhões de pedidos por segundo.
  • Taxas baixas - 0,1% de taxas de transação
  • Liquidez - Aplataforma oferece uma alta liquidez a seus clientes

Mais Informações Sobre ICO

ICO NamexHashtag
Start Datenovembro 26, 2021
End Datenovembro 27, 2021
1 Month ago

About xHashtag (XTAG)

xHashtag is DAO for the #FutureOfWork that helps #Communities grow by engaging in #Play2Earn. It functions as a platform that connects individuals with Web3 projects, providing individuals with an earning opportunity for completing on-chain and off-chain microtasks and helping these projects to accelerate growth through rewards. The platform offers users a new paradigm of working, modelled on Liquid Micro Teams. This enables users from across the globe to participate in an array of on-chain and off-chain activities and earn as set by a campaign creator, usually a Web3 project.

Key Highlights of xHashtag

* Instant Web3 Growth: Leverage the community talent on xHashtag to accelerate growth by rewarding valuable on-chain and off-chain actions in any SPL token.
* Proof-Of-Stake #communities: Projects can ask their fans to stake their SPL tokens to receive xSPL tokens that unlock a plethora of features such as multiplied rewards for the same tasks and access to exclusive tasks.
* Exclusive Metaverse: xSPL token holders can access exclusive Discord community and VR room created by projects.
* Lend & Borrow: xSPL tokens are liquid stake tokens that can be used as collateral while enjoying additional rewards for micro-tasks.
* #Selena — The first liquid NFT collection on Solana, set to transform the way we approach NFTs forever by making floor-price liquid.

About founder

xHashtag is founded by Monica Durga who has been in the crypto since 2017 and has experience in BUIDLing CEX & DEX. She's the former Chief Technical Architect of Router Protocol & a founding member of

Self-Reported TagsSolana Ecosystem
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